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accidentally typing “abe” instead of “bae”

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never fall in love with a premiering show; the pain of not having enough fanfiction will destroy you

goddammit knick fans start writing, i’ll do some art

Not enough fan fiction is like a curse that follows me through all my fandoms.

Since there is enough misery in the world as it is, this isn’t a real tragedy. It is, however, Willinore.

You Won’t Be Alone (1700 words, M)

Will Henry almost dies. Again.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I remember the days when games were about worlds you could explore and about being good, and not about who's got representation and gender this and sexuality that. I miss those days.
eviltriplet eviltriplet Said:


Those days miss you, too. I recently found a yellowed letter under one of the floorboards, and it was addressed to you and signed by those days with a tear-stained kiss of lipstick.

Meanwhile, in the present, those of us who work in the industry and who are—amazingly—able to consider more than one idea at the same time, will continue to create good games about worlds you can explore AND occasionally talk about inclusivity.

If you are feeling compassion fatigue, I think it might be okay to sit out those discussions, at least until you get your strength back. While it will be tough not having you available for close consultation, somehow we will soldier on.

Learn to say ‘no’ without explaining yourself.
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neeble replied to your post “I’ve seen all three episodes of The Knick and already written…”

I didn’t ship this before. And now I most certainly do. Awesome writing!

Thanks, there probably isn’t a combination of two people on this show that I don’t ship ;)

My irrational stance when someone criticizes Bioware and their treatment of everything that’s not straight white male-y: Yeah yeah yeah, they’re not perfect, but they try really hard, like, give them a break.

I’ve just watched the latest episode of “Tropes vs Women in Video Games” and while I disagree with some things yadda yadda (especially when they show parts of Dragon Age out of context), it reminded me how much I hated what was done with the character of Anna in Metro: Last Light. She starts out as a tough independent girl (as trademarked by Joss Whedon) and then basically breaks down, becomes a damsel in distress, and cries for the main hero to have sex with her (as trademarked by Jack in Mass Effect 2). Could they not see what they were doing, it’s just so obviously bad and cliché.


(And just when I thought, hey, she has to wear non-sexualized clothing because everything is all freezing and radioactive, her boob popped out of a tank top.)

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On an unrelated note, when it comes to being walked, my cat has basically achieved dog level.

I’ve seen all three episodes of The Knick and already written Algernon/Everett fan fiction. The characterization might be OOC because well, I’ve seen three episodes. 1000+ words, probably R.

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Btw, I’m still thinking about the woman’s nose. Or you know, lack thereof.

Of all the horrible things that can happen to you … O_O

Slavoj Žižek on Starbucks’ ultimate form of consumerism.

No seriously, what horrible secret is Bertie hiding?