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I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE (inspired by a thread on Reddit).


Spoilers under the cut! please discuss in my ask box im desperate

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You’re right, Edwards sure knows how to handle Thack. Thackery accusing Edwards of a lack of integrity is especially ironic because while Edwards was in the right - he was doing all he could under the circumstances - it’s Thack who’s in the wrong. I mean he’s high all the time, which is working out for him now, but as I think you rightly suspect, this won’t last.

Again, what I really appreciate about this show is that none of the characters is perfect. Edwards is awesome and all, but we were again shown that he’s a bit too eager to prove himself in everything he does and never backs down with him challenging that fighter.

Bertie-Thack mirroring Thack-Christienson was eerie to watch, hopefully Thack won’t be Bertie’s downfall.

Haha, yeah, Cornelia/Philip was never gonna happen. And the father in law is such a scumbag, it’s ridiculous.

I felt like writing something monstrumological -

The Other Assistant  (1300 words, gen)

Will Henry doesn’t want to be Dr. Warthrop’s assistant anymore. But that doesn’t mean he’ll let anyone else have the position.

I’m reading that one horrible, libelous John Lennon biography written by a guy who basically hates Lennon (and Yoko, of course), but it’s led to one good thing and that was me learning that Lennon once made a couple of Andy Warhol-like short films. I found one of them on youtube (“Erection”) and updated it for the attention span of the 21st century (it lasts about 18 minutes, but, well.)


Yes, that is all.


guilty confession: TFD disturbs me way less than the first three books.

potentially upsetting opinion warning.

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Yes, I agree with everything, you put it very eloquently. Personally, this is my favorite sort of dynamic, the story of my fandom life is that I always become invested in relationships (or characters or situations) that are pretty horrible and obviously doomed and secretly wish for an (impossible) happy ending and then spend years complaining that it’s not been delivered ;)

I’m not even looking forward to Friday night anymore, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: The baby was my favorite :(


I’m happy for 5th Wave fans


it’s not The Monstrumologist


Enjoy your derivative, cliché-ridden, pre-chewed philosophizing-filled book, you losers, I whisper bitterly to myself looking at Rick Yancey’s twitter page, I will enjoy mine.


So obviously the NDA is still in effect, only lifted so we can show our favorite panels. I know everyone has shared theirs already, but some of these are so incredible I have to share myself, too! 

And of course this art might not be finalized.

(via fuckyeahdragonage)

Something occurred to me - what if the realization that Lucy doesn’t care for him will be the moment for Bertie to show his dark side?

I’ve also watched the series trailer that’s on youtube and it contains spoilers for baby Lilly and her mother.

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even worse when these next installments turn out to be crap. Took me a hellton of Downton and almost two seasons of Elementary to come to this bitter conclusion.

I think I’ve only watched one season of Elementary, I never really got invested in it, but I still maintain that as modern AU’s to Sherlock Holmes go, it’s superior to … others. I only watched 20 minutes of Downton and died of boredom (not to trash the show or anything, it’s just different strokes etc.)

A piece of advice: Spare yourself the agony of waiting for next installments over the course of years and only watch shows when they are done so you can marathon them in one weekend like a normal person.