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I am stunned by the brilliance of this show and still laughing at the last shot. Oh man.

So - was it a competition in misery or what? And who wins? Let’s see, would I rather get beaten to unconsciousness, marry into a pervert’s household, bear the guilt of destroying my family, become a heroin addict or partake in innocent, but ultimately damning consumerism that gradually erodes all depth of one’s humanity replacing it with the superficial instant gratification that needs to be constantly renewed by acquiring more and more useless material objects? Just kidding, hope Cleary enjoys his automobile.

Does it make me a traitor if I cheered for Bertie’s dad? Turns out the old man was right all along.

Now to the negatives:

For the love of God, you have a brilliant director, amazing actors, very good writers, exceptional camera, in-depth research, awesome sets and costumes —- would it kill you to hire one more person to check continuity? Seriously.

Also, um, the Chinese characters … I … don’t really know how to defend the stereotypes.


Well, if there’s something The Knick does really well, it’s irony.

vforveronika replied to your post “Not to spoil the fun or anything, but sometimes I wonder if people are…”

I saw this movie once and don’t remember this scene at all lol. I need to watch this again; I thought the movie was ok

Yeah, it’s one of those “difficult” movies you keep putting off in favor of “simpler” films, but once you watch it, you actually begin to see where all the praise is coming from ;)

Not to spoil the fun or anything, but sometimes I wonder if people are aware that this gif-

- is from a scene where Kane is aggressively clapping after witnessing a terrible singing performance by his wife whose singing everyone hates, but they are all forced to watch it because he’s rich.

In other words, if you use it to show you approve of something, you become the victim of your own unintentional irony.

Dude, I can’t believe they went there - everywhere. I thought this was an ordinary show, but wow, I am absolutely stunned. Oh my god.

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The awkward moment when “sweet” means “lol you loser.”

Ted’s caving page

I remember reading this story about five years ago and it really seriously creeped me out and now I came across it again and it creeped me out again. It’s presented in the form of an individual website - in a now laughably outdated layout - which makes it seem all the more real. It’s lengthy and almost boring in the descriptions and takes literally hours to get through, but again, that only adds to the realism of it. The ending (or absence thereof) may be really clichéd, but that’s part of the eerie charm too.

A short and innocent drabble about the two newly canon pairings.

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So, I’ve finished playing The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and

  • Those rustling leaves, the grass - this feels like a real forest, so it’s right there on Dear Esther level of immersion.
  • I enjoyed the simple game mechanics, the process of uncovering the crimes was pleasantly smooth and not needlessly complicated.
  • The ending, however, (spoilers)

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lol forever at Gallinger’s damn-I-so-shouldn’t-have-accidentally-killed-my-child-and-leave-these-two-alone face

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a single tear for Bertie

Team building in The Knick - the one where they all pull together.

  • this was the best episode but why so damn short???
  • all the ships have sailed except none for you, Barrow, because you suck
  • "We’re running out of everything, there’s no cocaine." - the camera pans on Thackery’s look of horror - LMAO 
  • about Bertie - I guess this might get awkward …